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We provide genuine expertise in what matters to our clients – so our advice is always relevant, always insightful and frequently challenging.

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Merger and Acquisitions (M&A) Consulting

We partner with clients to maximize the success of their M&A activities. Our approach is research-intensive, unbiased and confidential. We have experience dealing with all different types of acquisition structures. We work hand-in-hand with specialists from various industries and sectors. We combine financial and trends analysis, current issues and benchmarking as well as specific technical issues.


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When it comes to selling a business, a successful strategy requires active portfolio management and a well-planned exit or divestment process. Our advisors are forward-looking specialists with a broad range of skills, deep industry expertise, and a future focused perspective, to help you stay ahead of the issues and avoid loss of value.


From helping you understand the potential risks and supporting you in minimizing value leakage, we assess your situation and support your negotiating position to maximize the sales price and execute deals with minimal disruption to remaining business operations.


We Offer M&A Consultancy Services in the UAE

Our advice on all aspects of acquisitions, disposals, private equity transactions and finance raising, including:

Deal Execution

Deal Origination

Valuation Of Assets

Preparing of Business Plans and Financial Modelling of Projections

Co-Ordinate Other Advisers (E.G. Lawyers, Due Diligence Providers Etc.)

Exit Strategy Reviews

Strategic Advice and Assistance with Deal Planning

Public to Private Transactions

Advice on Takeover Offers and Bid Defense


We have significant expertise in a number of sectors:


·      Business & Support services

·      Financial Services

·      Healthcare / Pharma / Lifesciences

·      Hospitality / Leisure & Travel

·      New Energy / Environmental

·      Retail & Consumer

·      Shipping, Transport and Logistics

·      Technology & Media

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