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MNV Associates are an established firm of business advisors who specialise in business recovery, company liquidation and de- registration in Dubai and corporate financial solutions. We  provide industry leading services for clients to help ease financial pressures and provide recovery strategies for businesses in need.

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Company Liquidation Services

If you’re considering dissolving your business, we can help you to decide if company liquidation is the right choice and, if so, which type of liquidation would be most suitable for your circumstances. We also help to prepare the mandatory documents required for liquidation (board of resolution, power of attorney, liquidator’s statement, audit report and others).


Our experienced team can also help with other business rescue variations, such as administration or a company voluntary arrangement, if these are more suitable.


We have a proven track record of helping all entities (general partnership, limited liability, offshore and  free zone companies) with company liquidation in Dubai and throughout the UAE. 


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Looking For Company Liquidators in Dubai?

We usually rely on four steps plan to support your company in liquidation process. 


Free Initial Meeting/ Consultation 

In the first instance we provide you with a consultation to go through all the implications and obligations required for a company liquidation.


Choose Options For Business Recovery

Even if the firm is insolvent, there may still be ways by which you can keep trading. We help you understand how to close down your firm in Dubai and buy it back.


Creditors Meeting

One of the key steps in implementing a CVL is setting up a meeting with your creditors in order to pass the resolution to allow the liquidation and to confirm the appointment of liquidator in UAE.


Company Liquidation

During the liquidation process in UAE MNV Associates will manage the sale of assets, help with legal matters and allocate funds.

Company Liquidation Procedures in the UAE

  1. Appointment of a liquidator by the board of the company or partners.
  2. Official acceptance from the liquidator accepting the duty.
  3. Liquidator will apply for a liquidation certificate.
  4. Liquidator will publish the notice of company’s liquidation in several UAE newspapers.
  5. The notice will give the debtors the time limit to submit their claims, which is mentioned in the announcement.
  6. Liquidator and the partners will submit a declaration claim indicating no objection from any other parties. The liquidator can request the partners for a time extension should it be required.
  7. Liquidator will collect all required approvals and forms from government bodies and submit them for final cancellation.
  8. Once the application has been successful, the company’s registrar office will issue a certificate of deregistration(cancellation).

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