VAT Returns Filing in the UAE

VAT Return Filing in UAE

Check out the procedure of how to file a VAT Return in the UAE. Read on to get some professional expert guidance on how to claim your tax back in the UAE. 

VAT Returns Filing are usually done online visiting official  Federal Tax Authority (FTA)  site  The form used for VAT return filing is known as Form VAT 201. A taxable individual is accountable to post VAT return in the UAE in the prescribed format given by way of the FTA. Every taxable person needs to submit the VAT Return within 28 days from the end of each Tax length prescribed via the FTA. This must be according to the provisions of the UAE VAT law. The taxable person is also vulnerable to remit the amount of tax due to the FTA within the time frame distinct through the UAE VAT Law, i.e. inside 28 days from the end of every tax length.


How we will help you to file your VAT Return (Form VAT201)?

Our Tax experts at MNV Associates can assist you in the following areas:

·        We can visit your company on a periodical basis (weekly/monthly/Quarterly) to collect the records for filing the VAT Return. At the end of every VAT return duration, we prepare the VAT return on behalf of your company according to the provisions of UAE VAT law.

·        We make sure that the VAT returns are filed on time.

·        We provide guidance and advice for the price of Minimal Tax Liability as according to the provisions of the UAE VAT Law.

·        We assist with optimal Tax Planning for your company.

·       We deal with authority on behalf of you as and when required.


Learn how the VAT returns are filed (Form VAT201):

VAT Returns are to be filed online. One has to access the VAT Return Form by login into the e-services of the FTA. Our Tax Expert will assist you to fill the VAT return with all information required on time.


What are the records to be provided inside the VAT Return?

The VAT return indicates the Tax amount due (or refundable because the case may also be) for a specific Tax Period. You should disclose the entire output tax payable in addition to the input credit available towards such Output separately. Excess of Output Tax over and above the Input Tax for a tax period is the quantity of Tax Liability to be paid. The VAT Return Form consists of the following:


Output Tax:

·        Tax Liabilities below Standard Rated Supplies (5%).

·        Tax Liabilities on goods imported through customs.

·        Tax on items imported on which tax liabilities aren't created.

·        Tax liability on import of services.

·        Tax refunds provided to travellers.


Input Tax:

·        Tax on Standard Rated purchases

·        Tax on Standard rated expenses.

·        Tax on import of items

·        Tax on import of services

Tax amount disclosed beneath Output Tax over and above the Input Tax is due to be paid to the FTA for a selected tax length.

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