Debt Recovery in the UAE

What you need to learn about the recovery of debt in the UAE

A new insolvency legislation has been adopted by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) that explicitly prohibits a debtor 's failure to repay their loans. It also imposes lower debt   restructuring charges for debtors. Will you like to understand what this means for theUAE debt recovery? Continue to read.


Main Points About UAE Debt Recovery


  • Debtors cannot be brought to court

When you lend a loanee money, according to the terms and conditions you consented upon, you certainly expect to get it back. So, you would like help to ensure they do so when a debtor fails to fulfill repayments regularly. It is an economical tactic to take them to court.

Another of the important aspects of the current insolvency statute, however, is that loan holders who are unable to repay their loans are unable to be brought to court for criminal proceedings. This legislation decriminalizes the financial obligations of insolvent persons, or of individuals who are not or are unable to pay back their loan


  • Negotiations continues to remain available

 Though, if you cannot bring them to court to force them to settle their debts, what are you going to do? The new legislation dictates that a court-appointed specialist will be provided to debtors to instruct on how to deal with their debt commitments.

To determine your financial situation, you can visit the best CFO providers in Dubai and see if you can negotiate a loan agreement. Then, to build a three-year payment arrangement, you would have to begin negotiations with the court-appointed specialist.

The greatest part about this redevelopment is that it needs to be quick, which helps ensure that before you see results, you do not have to wait a very long time.


  • You'll still be receiving repayments

Although the debtor who broke the original deal will not be able to prosecute you, this new legislation allows you to recover your funds through the use of a court-approved scheme. You don't have to worry about getting more credits from the defendant, because according to your advice, the statute will also prohibit them from getting more debt. The expert and the debtor may also apply for any new loans to be banned.

Understand that, regardless of interest and penalties, the statute mandates lower rates to prevent the debtor from acquiring an exorbitant sum of debt. Although it could be disadvantageous for some borrowers as it may encourage them to siphon more cash from the loanee, the new strategy guarantees that you will reclaim what's really owed to you.


  • You are eligible to contract a collection service

Whenever you render the process too difficult, you can still fight for the repayment of the debt by recruiting a collection agency, even with the help of the best CFO services in Dubai. These businesses are only formed to help creditors recover what is due to them.

They would, in turn, be the one to get in touch with the loanee. They would even be the one to discuss the settlement agreement, so you don't have to think about sending an expert to meet with the professional assigned by the judge. 


The bottom line

Debt recovery can be challenging, particularly if the debtor is unable to make repayments. All parties will assist with their respective problems with the new insolvency procedure. So, if you are having debt repayment issues, then you can take notice of this UAE legislation.