Can’t seem to decide if you need to hire a part-time CFO?

Can’t seem to decide if you need to hire a part-time CFO?

Read our new blog article to find out why a part-time CFO is often a better hire for small- or mid-sized companies and how this can add value to your business.



A part-time CFO  helps business with same services and expertise as an in-house CFO, only at a much lower cost. Why is that? When you hire a full time CFO you have a salary to pay each month. However, a part-time CFO supplies your business with the services that you are looking for, when you need them. You can select short- or long-term contracts and you pay for services and time consumed. You also save on visa, health insurance, gratuity and office space costs for your part-time CFO.

A part-time CFO has the expertise and knows how to work with your employees by sharing the best practice in accounting, tax training and planning.

Ask yourself the subsequent questions:

  • Are you able to analyze your organizations growth and profits?
  • Do you understand your numbers to your advantage?
  • Are you filing and reporting financial data on time?
  • Are you looking for help in projecting your cash flow and profits that may have an impact of your business?

If you responded yes to any of these questions, you may want to consider the services offered by MNV Associates. We help to plan forecasting, optimize current systems, reevaluate reporting, while increasing profits.

At MNV Associates we offer multiple resources that will benefit your business. By utilizing our high caliber experts, we surely can help you anywhere in the UAE. If you are looking for assistance, contact our office at +971523750920 to schedule an appointment with our top-notch advisors.